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Two great firms and the same philosophy

The Jeswani family founded Geneve Company in 1989 with the opening of a shop in the south of Gran Canaria. The meteoric evolution of Geneve is reflected today with its six points of sale, making it the reference in High Watches and Jewellery in Gran Canaria.

An example of Geneve's professionalism is that in 1995, only six years after its foundation, it became the official retailer of Patek Philippe, the greatest exponent of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. This is an extraordinarily short period of time for Patek Philippe to place its trust in a new distributor and proof that Geneva saw something very special in Geneve and the Jeswani family.

Both Patek Philippe and Geneve base their philosophy on reliability and stability, so the relationship between the two firms has been consolidated and evolved over the years. Since 2021, in its boutique in Triana Street in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Geneve has an exclusive space dedicated to Patek Philippe, where the customer can literally breathe the genes of the Genevan firm. In this space, time disappears as Patek Philippe customers give free rein to their passion by chatting about watches, history and watchmaking culture with Geneve's consultants specialising in the brand.



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Extraordinary pieces

Many extraordinary Patek Philippe models have found their way into the hands of their owners through Geneve. That is why at Geneve it is impossible for us to single out one of them over another. "Each Patek Philippe is an extraordinary piece, so it is difficult to choose one watch in particular.

At Geneve we feel very proud when we recall the anecdotes that the passion that Patek Philippe arouses in our customers has generated, some of them truly extraordinary: "In 2014, one of our passionate customers reserved one of the 175th anniversary commemorative pieces to give to his daughter on her 18th birthday. His daughter was five years old at the time he purchased the piece. This is unbeatable proof of the passion and loyalty that Patek Philippe inspires. It is also proof of a concept that the Genevan manufacture has impeccably developed through one of the most famous slogans in history: "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generations".

Family tradition

Patek Philippe watches and the passion for the brand are passed down from generation to generation. This is linked to the concept of the family, a social but also a business structure that is key to the philosophy of the Genevan company. Today, the fourth generation of the Stern family has taken over the reins of Patek Philippe with complete independence. As is the case with virtually all of its distributors around the world, Geneve is also based on this business concept; it is a company that has been run by the Jeswani family since its foundation. Sharing passion and values is a fundamental factor in Patek Philippe's relationship with its retailers, and this is unequivocally true of Geneve.


You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generations”.


“The manufacture always takes the time to develop the most perfect watches or to determine new technical developments”


Patek Philippe history

The Stern family has owned the Patek Philippe manufacture since 1932, when they became the sole shareholders of what is now the oldest independent Geneva manufacture in the hands of a single family.

The freedom that comes with being an independent company has meant that Henri, then Philippe and today Thierry Stern have been able to lead the evolution and growth of Patek Philippe with determination, passion and loyalty to the company's founding values, which have prevailed since its creation in 1839.

This autonomy has also given them the privilege of being able to project a vision for the future, without being accountable to immediacy. The Manufacture always takes the time necessary to fine-tune the most perfect timepieces or to determine new technical developments.

Patek Philippe also benefits from total creative freedom. The Manufacture controls the entire watchmaking process, from design to production, controlling from start to finish each and every part that leaves the Manufacture, according to its exacting criteria of quality and excellence.

Today, Thierry Stern, President of Patek Philippe, is already working to train and raise the awareness of the next generation to continue the legacy of excellence, while remaining absolutely faithful to the values that have forged the company's worldwide reputation.

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A space dedicated exclusively to Patek Philippe watches

Located in Triana Street, in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 
Geneve Company has the privilege of being an Authorised Patek Philippe Retailer in Las Palmas.

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“Our boutique is located in Calle Triana and has an area dedicated exclusively to Patek Philippe watches”.