The daily use of jewellery is primarily responsible for the effects of normal wear and tear, so adequate protection and storage is always a guarantee for them to be in good condition.


It is recommended to keep your jewellery in its original case without coming into contact with other jewellery to avoid accidental scratching.


The jewellery should be washed in warm water with a neutral pH soap and a soft brush, followed by a water rinse and thorough drying with a chamois or cloth.


Between bouts of professional maintenance, most gold jewellery can be maintained with a nonabrasive cleaner.
Examine your jewelry regularly to make sure the settings are tight and that the clasps and connections are secure.
Avoid contact of gold with cosmetics or household products that can discolor and/or damage your items.
Please ensure that chains are stored upright to to avoid knotting.


Please avoid impacts with hard surfaces.
A Diamond is the hardest of all precious stones, but fragile; In contrast with other gemstones, they cannot be scratched but can be broken.
Bracelets and rings with diamonds or other gemstones should be treated with special care because they are subjected to continuous daily use.
Many gems, such as emeralds and pearls are very delicate and are easily damaged. Moreover, the enamel can also be chipped or scratched on impact.
Other causes of damage to the jewellery are extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics, ultrasonic cleaning and household chemicals.
To clean diamonds, use a mild solution prepared with six parts water to one part ammonia and apply with a soft brush.
If used often, pearls should be cleaned and re-strung by a professional once a year.
Between bouts of professional cleaning, gently wipe with a damp cloth.