Warranty & Repairs

All the products have a full 24 months warranty. There are some products that do have an extended amount of warranty. Please email service.center@genevecompany.com for specifications.

We are an authorised dealer for all of the brands presented at Geneve Company. This means that your watch will come in a branded box with full papers of authenticity and at a minimum, a 2-year international manufacturer's warranty. Our relationship with the brands means that we can manage any after sales requirements you might have including full service and repairs in the unlikely event that anything were to go wrong.

Please note: Any purchases returned for repairs will be sent to the manufacturer for inspection. If upon inspection the manufacturer finds a fault that could not have been caused by the customer, repairs will then be made under the manufacturer's warranty. Please return faulty goods as soon you become aware of the fault. 

If you do want to send an item for repair on guarantee, we recommend the following three options:

Option 1

You could bring the item to our stores directly. It is always a pleasure to welcome you at our boutique so that you can enjoy the Geneve luxury experience. Our experts’ team will make sure you receive a pleasing experience explaining all the facets of repairing an item.

Option 2

Geneve offers a pick-up service of your item at your given location and then delivering it back to the same location, once repaired. However, this would have a cost of €120.

Please click here to fill in the form.

If you wish to repair your item with Geneve, once we receive the product at the Head Office; this will be the procedure:

- The item(s) will be sent to the official repair center for inspection and repair costs. This process usually takes 15 days.

- Geneve will inform you all the details of the intervention needed for the item, the total cost and the approximate repair timeOnce you accept our proposal, 50% of the cost should be paid through bank transfer. For security reasons, credit card or cash payments are accepted only in store.

- When the item is repaired, we will return it back to you in the same manner as it was handed to us, either by post or collection at the store. Please note, if the item was handed in-store, Geneve will not be able to send it via post, or vice versa.

The manufacturer will take approximately 10 days to send back the product at our Head Office once it is repaired. We then send it back to you

Please note, if you do NOT accept the repair cost, there will be a minimum service charge of €60. When the item is repaired, we will return it back to you in the same manner as it was handed to us, either by post or collection at the store, depending on which option you chose.

In some cases, watch repair centers also charge labour costs for opening the case and diagnosing the exact problem. These costs are not related to Geneve.

Option 3

You can repair your item at the nearest authorized dealer available. Our team is keen to help you find the nearest store from your location. Geneve will always answer and find a solution to any uncertainty or query that arises.

Please email service.center@genevecompany.com for any further questions.